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OK, we all know that we like to have beautiful new things for our babies and especially when it is our first baby right!  At Anything Baby we have been in the hire business now for coming up 8 years and we have seen a whole range of mothers and families.  Attending the baby expo's annually where up to 17,000 people can walk through the door, shows us that hiring is not for everyone though why is that?  Is it the perception that if someone else's baby has used the capsule prior it is not clean?  Maybe some are worried that the capsule may have been in an accident or be too old or out of date?  All of these reasons are valid, there may be operators out there that do not have policy and procedure in place for the hire of their capsules.  As a mother and the founder of Anything Baby I have very early on travelled (the reason I started this business) with my own equipment.  The risk of  loss, damage, marks and scuffs etc on my prams and car seats is something I can do without.  If I travel to a location we have a branch I will always use our branch equipment for our children, that goes to say as I know the standards for which our franchisees maintain their equipment.   However, on the other side when travelling to a place for which we are not located I have hired stock that I guess was not as clean as I would have liked and then we as an industry wonder why so many people go and buy brand new!  

Though consider the benefits of hiring!  Hiring means that you don't have to outlay a large amount of money on items that you are going to use historically for a very short period of time, up to six to twelve months is all you are going to need a capsule for, not to mention co sleepers, cribs, and bassinets which come in very handy in the first few months of life for your little one though once they can roll and pull themselves up to sitting they become dangerous and should not be used.  Prams can cost in excess of $1000 and for many that is a luxury item when you have to also outlay for the car seat and the cot and change table and everything else that goes along with having a baby before you even think about nappies, wipes, clothing etc and the list goes on.

So how do you know hiring is safe and why would you use our company?  Well firstly we are all mothers, we all have had or do have young children and know the importance of safety for little ones.  We also have a crash return no questions asked policy, if the car seat is in a accident we ask you to return it to us at once, we swap it over and send you on the way, no loss of bond, no questions asked, you have enough you are probably worrying about if the child was in the seat to worry about what we are going to say and are we going to take your money to replace it?  No, we will just swap it over and get you on your way again!

Secondly all our franchisees are trained to check all car seats and capsules for signs of impact, if plastic has been in a situation of force then there will be tell tale signs that we check for and in the event that there is any signs of distress on the frame of a car seat it is taken out of hire, though given we have a no question asked replacement why would you drive around with your child in a potentially compromised car seat or capsule???

Cleanliness, always a big questions, is it clean, yes it is, we strip and clean every capsule after every hire and do a stringent safety check before reassembling it, it is out reputation that rides on ensuring that you walk away with a good experience.  All the branches know the importance of customer service and how one bad experience for one customer can affect referral and recommendations for weeks to follow, that is not what any business wants.  We also encourage you where able to come down and view the capsules before deciding to hire through us, we have nothing to hide from so please feel able to call any of the ladies and book in an appointment, see how we store out equipment and view the range available to hire.   

Lastly, ask us questions, we are here to help, we are happy to answer questions and with our complimentary installation service, why not hire, it is the cost effective solution for high ticket short term items and the answer for your next travel holiday, get off the plane with the kids, car seats are already installed for you, off you go, really it could not get any more simple :)